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  • Do you have a child with autism and are struggling with issues and behaviors?
  • Are you overwhelmed by school meetings, special diets, and countless therapies?
  • Tired of wasting money on protocols and diets when you're not sure ifthey're working?
  • Are you looking for solutions but are confused by all the options open to you?

What if you had a tool that could help you work through everything you need to help your autistic child thrive? What if you had a way to keep accountable so that you could keep track of which therapies and protocols worked, which created more problems, which dietarty interventions really helped?

Well now you can. Welcome to the launch of the Autism Planning Workbook. This 20+ page guide will help you navigate diets, education, life planning, protocols and more.

Hi, I'm Gina Badalaty and I'm the mother of a child with autism. I was tired of forgetting supplements, running late to doctor visits and coming to IEPs just managing, rather than with ideas for creating a better environment for my child.

I was tired of falling behind on everything, so I created these sheets. The Autism Planning Guide allows me to keep track of everything I need to help my children thrive and succeed.

Right now, you can buy the SAME Autism Planning Guide with a printable AND Excel spreadsheet version, to help you with budgeting for $4.99

The Autism Planning Workbook is a collection of worksheets to help you organize and keep track of everything your child needs to succeed!

  • Organize the priorities for each month according to your child's needs.
  • Choose and try various therapies (speech, OT), protocols (homeopathy, SonRise program), and special diets (gluten free, GAPS), then assess them month to month.
  • Keep track of what works and what doesn't so you don't have to waste time and money on the wrong system.
  • Chart your child's supplements to make sure he isn't missing on key nutrients!
  • Keep track of practitioners, therapists, school staff and more.
  • Brainstorm before your next school and document what happens next.
  • Record life skill planning and training, and prep for your child's future.

There's even a section to make sure you take care of you. You can reprint the sheets as often as you need, and collate them all into a binder for each child! Or, print them out to keep track of things like diet no-nos, therapy schedule and protocol remedies.

Right now, you can buy the SAME Autism Planning Guide with a printable AND Excel spreadsheet version, to help you with budgeting for $4.99.


gina badalaty
Gina Badalaty is the parent of 2 disabled children, one who has autism. She has been blogging about parenting since 2002, and is a health & wellness writer for and other outlets. She is studying for a certificate in autism, and is an advocate for nontoxic living and a cleaner planet. Her children have been thriving with good nutrition, addressing gut issues, homeopathy, biomed and living in a detoxed home for years.

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My child cried so much
I thought I was a bad parent
gina badalaty / december, 2017

What if you could help your family thrive?

A child who rarely gets sick? No problem!

A child with autism who sleeps through the night? Done!

Your own personal energy to get through life's struggles and still feel good? You've got it!

Contrary to what you might, behavior problems and learning disabilities are not just a matter of the brain. They are health issues, as well. There are simple ways that you can try to detox your health that may fix behaviors and will which work for your family too!

In 2005, my second daughter was born and spent most of the next few years crying over everything. She was physically healthy, so we didn't understand what was wrong until she was diagnosed with sensory issues and autism.

By age 5, she didn't still sleep through the night yet. It had been 5 long years of her waking us up every night, shortly after midnight, to play. The whole family was frazzled and I felt like a very bad mother.

Then one simple intervention changed our lives forever - and helped my daughter to sleep through the night. We removed the milk that our doctor told us wouldn't affect her. We cleared out all milk-based products in our home and saw amazing results for both our kids.

But that was the problem- doctors weren't telling us these things! I had to learn through my own research the myths about Celiac disease and gluten free living. I had to discover the dangers of Miralax and why autism is medical.

If you want to learn more about what I've learned, what products to use and how to keep your sanity in a toxic world, read my blog. For health and wellness, check out my Facebook page. And if you like what you see, subscribe to my newsletter!