Lessons in Special Needs Parenting, November, 2012

This was a long and crazy month, with very little school, my first-ever vacation / conference in Florida in November, and then 4 Million Hours Of Cooking Food The Kids Didn’t Eat, holiday in the Poconos, Black Friday (disappointing shopping), and of course, we kicked it all off with Hurricane Sandy. Somehow I got screwed out of a birthday dinner at Bahama Breeze AND a

Review: Pure Pantry Organic Sugar Cookies

The frustrating thing about cooking as strict as we do for children is that you often lack too much variety.  Since my kids are big chocolate fiends, I usually try to find something that covers that.  The problem is that it gets boring, so when Pure Pantry sent me a their sample of Organic Sugar Cookies, I was excited to try them.  I was going

Review: Fruit & Vegetable Crisps

Looking for a treat that you can feel safe giving your kids?  Crispy Natural makes fruit and vegetable crisps that might be just the ticket for your family.  They sent me a sampler that included 4 flavors: Crunchy Tomato Chips With Basil and Oregano Crunchy Carrot Chips With Paprika Crunchy Carrot Chips With Cinnamon Crunchy Apple Crisps With Cinnamon Taste How did we like them?

YumUniverse Review: Plant-Based Eating Guide

As you know, I’m constantly on the quest for great, delicious, nutritious food for my family and myself that is also allergen-free.  I was delighted to be invited to YumUniverse.com, launching it’s Lifetime YumUniverse membership today! What is YumUniverse? Lots of people have been telling me about plant-based and raw diets, and our family has pretty much been eating paleo for the last 2 years.  The problem

Need a Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free Vacation? Great Wolf Lodge!

Zoe eating dinner

This week I had the honor of speaking at Reviewer’s Retreat 2012, which was held at Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte, NC. Ok, let me just pause a moment here to say: I love Great Wolf Lodge!  The fact is that this resort is one of the best I’ve been to.  They rival Disney with hospitality (shh, don’t tell Mickey!).  Last year on my trip

DinnerTool.com and the “What’s For Dinner?” Event

This event was sponsored by DinnerTool.com, who provided the meal, as well as transportation, a bag of swag, and a gift card. All opinions expressed are my own. On May 7th, myself and 4 other bloggers had an opportunity to dine at CulinAriane, a restaurant owned by Season 5 Top Chef contestant, Ariane Duarte.  We met with Chef Ariane for cooking lessons and answers to

Review: Crunchmaster Gluten-Free Crackers

Gluten-free living is not easy, but lots of people are making it easier.  Take Crunchmaster, for example.  They make a gluten-free cracker that comes in LOTS of great flavors: Sea Salt, Roasted Vegetable, Rosemary & Olive Oil.  They are delicious, and they are perfect for snacking at your computer, or serving at a cocktail party. Crunchmaster crackers are strong and non-crummy crackers that can stand

Product Review: Norwex Microfiber Cloths

I received this product of facilitate this review; all opinions are my own. All the links in this post are my affiliate links. Do you have your children on a gluten-free diet and struggling with the fact that you are not on one? Are you worried every time you make gluten-filled toast and there are crumbs everywhere? It’s true that my kids are gluten-free and

Decisions & Choices: Can I detox my house?

The other day I blogged about my divine confirmation of doing this gluten-free diet.  It made me happy, but nervous as well – how far can I go, given what a disaster I’ve been at it so far?  That’s just for my kids, mind you, but I’ve noticed that not doing things 100% is exactly what’s led to slip ups and infractions.  (And maybe this

Five Reasons it’s Difficult to go Gluten-Free and Casein-Free


It has not been an easy road going gluten- and casein-free, and I’m writing today’s post to help all of those of you who have had infractions while placing your child on this diet, to help ease disorders, such as autism and Down syndrome. As far as I can tell, that means everyone who has tried this diet. Let me start at the beginning.  Firstly,