Review: Secret of the Wings Toy Collection

Do you love Tinker Bell as much as I do?  Both my girls love different versions of the Peter Pan story, but Tinker Bell has a special place in my heart.  When I watched the first movie, and saw Zoe’s dedication to the character, something struck in me.  She’s a tinker fairy, after all, and there is nothing my little girl likes to do more than collect stuff and tinker with it.  (Honestly, I would recommend the Tinker Bell stories to anyone who has a daughter with autism.)

Today, a new Disney Fairies movie, “The Secret of the Wings,” comes to theaters.  Check out the trailer at  In this movie, Tink again breaks the rules to visit the Winter Woods.  Once there, she notices her wings glowing.  She meets a Frost Fairy named Periwinkle who turns out to be her twin sister!  They discover the mystery behind their glowing wings.

JAKKS Pacific has released a line of toys and an exciting giveaway to celebrate the film, which I’m excited to share with my little tinker.  Here is a peek at them:

Disney Fairies Magical Light Up Wings
The kids loved these!  Amelia grabbed them right away and starting flying around the house:

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I really like these fiber optic wings.  They’d make a perfect Halloween costume!  The straps are a bit small, so probably better suited to a younger child (they are for age 3 and up), but Amelia’s wiry frame accommodated them nicely.

Disney Faires Secret of the Wings Tink & Periwinkle Friendship Forever Two-Pack
Zoe was really attracted to this toy.  You put Tink and Periwinkle into their holders and then push them towards each other.  Different lights and sounds go off the closer you get them together.  I did have a lot of difficulty getting them to both stay in the leg brace and stand at the same time.  Zoe got a little frustrated trying it herself, so she just manually manipulated them.  Also, the outer edge is cardboard so you have to be careful with it when slipping it under the pegs to hold it in place.  I didn’t know but Zoe did – the clothes and wings are removable, which makes me winder if there will be more interactive pieces to go with these smaller dolls, so that you can have more adventures with the dolls.  I hope so!  I advise leaving the shoes on with the plastic packing bands so they don’t get lost.

Periwinkle and Tinker Bell

The Contest
JAKKS is hosting a “Sister’s Giveaway”.  Visit JAKKS’ Facebook page to learn more.  Grand prize is a trip for 4 to L.A. for an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of Disney Toon Studios.  Prize packs are given away each week as well, between now and 12/31/12.  Your child gets to participate by sharing her reason why her sister or best friend is so special to her!  You can have an additional entry by uploading a photo, and you can enter every week. Check it out.


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