Review: Recalls+ App

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Remember when you had a newborn, and discovered that ugly word, “recalls” – as in products that are recalled because they are defective.  This idea kept me up at night, and back in the day, the only way KI know to check on recalls was to register my products.  Will my crib suddenly choke my child?  Will my wipes warmer explode?  Don’t even get me started on baby monitors!

Later I learned about a recall directory online but it was not user-friendly as far s I could tell, but I could barely remember all the details on the products that got passed down to Zoe, much less frantically search for them. I had to rely on my old registrations.

Well, now there is an app for that!  Worry no more, because recalls+ is an app you can use on Facebook or your iPhone that allows you to get the latest information on recalls.  This neat little app has 3 handy features: watch list, alerts, and bookmarks.

  • The Watch List allows you to add products by child’s age, product, or, much to my overwhelming  excitement, food allergens.  Yes, that’s right, foods with allergens go out without proper labeling.  For example, Mission Foods recently submitted a voluntary recall of Taco Dinner Kits distributed by certain stores thanks to undeclared milk ingredient.  Not cool and quite dangerous, the recall list will tell you not only that, but what brands and products have been recalled thanks to dangerous bacteria.
  • Alerts are “recent recalls that match items in your Watch List”.  Once you put an item on your watch list, if a recall happens you’ll be notified via the app.
  • Bookmarks are just that.  You can individually set them on any recall item.  Recalled items have a link to the article (usually by a group like the FDA) that describes the recall in more detail.

As far as the recall, it lists the source of the recall (i.e., FDA), category, and where applicable, allergen, as well as a description of the recall and the article link.  You can also invite friends to share with the app.  Best of all, you can directly share a recall with your Facebook audience by clicking the “Share” button on it.

recalls+ is easy to use, comprehensive an the sort of life-saving app I wish I’d had 10 years ago!




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    This sounds like a great app! My daughter has a lot of allergies so this is Perfect for when I’m at the grocery store.