Review: “Iron Man: Armored Adventures, Season 2, Vol. 2”

If you’re like my family, you probably have some “Iron Man” fans in the house.  (We have 3.)  Amelia absolutely adores super heroes, and gets a kick out of the movies.  So when I had an opportunity to  share Iron Man’s adventures as a teen in cartoon format with her, I jumped on it.

Iron Man Armored Adventures

Amelia absolutely loved this video.  At first, I couldn’t tell, she didn’t seem too interested, but then she starting popping it in the player every day.  The opening tune is pretty cool, a bit hard, but that didn’t deter Amelia.

You also get to see Pepper Potts struggle with chemistry and dating, his best friend, James “Rhodey” Rhodes, suits up with him, and Tony Stark as a teen trying to use and hide his alter-ego, Iron Man.  He’s also – just like in the movie – super duper smart, but so far, this version of Tony does not have the self-importance and egotism that Robert Downy, Jr. exerts in the movie.  This section of season two pits him against Justin Hammer, a young, enterprising man who builds a similar suit based on stolen plans he acquires and becomes Titanium Man.

Iron Man and Pepper

If your kids love super heroes and are interested in their teen origins, this is a great video…an awesome stocking stuffer too!  Amelia enjoyed it, but I wish I could have seen Pepper get her own suit.

Disclaimer:  A copy of “Iron Man: Armored Adventures, Season 2, Vol. 2” was provided to facilitate this review.