Review: Honey Girl Organics

I’m always on the lookout for good, clean organic products that I will absolutely use and Honey Girl Organics fits that bill.

honey girl eye creamFace and Eye Cream
I used this actually as an eye cream.  It seemed to work well, as I could feel my skin tighten when it went on.  I only needed a dab.  The cream is smooth and silky and odorless, and the beauty is the ingredient list: organic extra virgin olive oil, purified water, Beeswax with pollen & propolis, Raw Pupukea Honey, oil of rose, Royal Jelly, Vitamin E, other essential oils.  It’s 91% organic as well.  You know I love skin products made from natural, edible products!   Plus, the bee ingredients are harvested from their holistically managed beehives, definitely a plus for the future of endangered bees, but I wish they revealed a little about the process on their site!  That’s all the good, but what about the bad?  A bit pricey at $29.44 at Vitacost for 1.75 fl. oz., but the good, organic, edible skin care always is.  This cream lets you feel good about yourself and your body and is available for set & save (aka, a way to save money at Vitacost).

Personal Lubricant
As you know, I’m advocate of helping married couples in the bedroom, and Honey Girl’s Personal Lubricant just does that.  Enough said??  Ok, well, it’s smooth and creamy, and very lovely.  And the ingredient, again, are awesome and that makes me feel safe: Organic extra virgin olive oil, purified water, Vitamin E, Beeswax with pollen & propolis. It’s also organic.  For this product, I don’t see a downside, since it’s very reasonable, selling at  Vitacost for $16.62 for 2.5 fl. oz, and is also available for set & save.

Overall Opinion
I’m psyched to have found these “made from edible foods” products, that they are organic, and to add them to my regular line up of products from Vitacost.

Disclaimer: I received a sample of these products from Vitacost to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.