Review: Glow Crazy Distance Doodler

What’s more fun than playing in the dark?  A light up toy that you can play in the dark!

The Good
As attested by my kids, they love the Glow Crazy Distance Doodler.  In fact, I think they’ve played with it more than their other Christmas toys.

The Distance Doodler comes with a Dual-Action Magic Lightwand, a light brush attachment Glow Cling papers to stick to the wall,  stencils, and glue squares.  You put the clings on a flat surface and turn out the lights.  The paper glows, just a little, and the wand allows you paint pictures, images, and anything you want from near or far.  (Sadly, I’m not a good enough photographer to create a nice photo of the kids’ artwork for you.)  There are 2 large white sheets, and 2 smaller sheets, one blue, one pink, so you get some nice variety to draw on.

These are glowing afterimages, so the darker your room, the longer the image lasts.  (Also note, if you put it in your bedroom and you’re as light sensitive as I am, it will keep you up!) The attachable brush are fiber optic threads and make a neat painting device so you have two different ways to play with this toy.

glow crazy distance doodler

The Bad
The paper is super sticky, and I can’t figure out how to get it down without tearing it.  Be careful where you put it, or find a dedicated place!

Overall Opinion
Given how much my kids like this, I’m going to recommend this toy, especially if you have a nice, set-aside place to put it that’s not furniture or a wall.  Plus, it’s a glowing light, and nothing makes a kid happier and use their imagination more than little lights.  They walked around with it, and they kept returning to the room to play with the shapes and images.  Oh, and don’t be a dunce and misplace your glue strips, like me :)  In face, I just learned there is a Dome toy as well!  Now that sounds cool.  And for those of you who are my age, hands down better than Light Bright!

Disclaimer: I received this product to facilitate my review.  All opinions are my own.