The Home Stretch of Summer

In my part of the world, school does not start until Tuesday.  We’ve had a *mess* of good news this week, including a new job for hubby, so we are taking a  few days to celebrate and spending a short weekend at Hershey.  I still have things to buy for school, like rain boots/coats/pants, and hand sanitizer, and sectional lunch containers (plus ice packs).

Supplies we are solid on, and I just remembered I have paperwork to complete too, augh!  Zoe is visiting the doc tomorrow as she has some runs and I’m worried it’s parasites, AND I don’t want anything AT ALL keeping that girl home tomorrow.

So while I’m thrilled about the weekend, the upcoming week and the fact that I get a date tonight, I’m mystified by what I will do for gluten-free, casein free lunches for the girls. They are not really loving the Bob’s Red Mill bread…Zoe will eat with peanut butter, and Amelia will eat as French toast, but I am stumped. So I guess 50% of the meals will be leftovers.

That said, one thing that was a big hit during summer camp lunch for Zoe was tacos…a meal she could compile herself, so I think I’ll leave that one on the agenda for both kids.  They will be getting healthy doses of fruits and vegetables, I think, too: apples, broccoli, red peppers, bananas and blueberries. Do carrots work?? I really wish they liked raisins, but nuts work for Amelia.  Now we are also off chocolate, high fructose corn syrup and PLEASE don’t talk to me about processed meats.  If you have ideas, or resources, let me know!

I did find one *wonderful* site, thought, Gluten-free Gobsmacked, that has lots of info, and this lunch time idea list.