Review: Sahara Sam’s Oasis Indoor (& Outdoor) Water Park #sp

Sahara SamsThis weekend,  we took the totally free fun packed weekend! We received review tickets to Sahara Sam’s Oasis  and we had our reward points for a free hotel stay and breakfast!  We’ve only been to huge, pricey indoor waterparks, so this was a nice break.  You enter into a gaming room – we didn’t expect that, but the kids were all over it!  Eventually we corralled them into the ticket area and then inside.

Woops, we forgot towels! DOH!  No problem, naturally, Sahara Sam’s sells them.  The lockers were affordable and convenient so after that, it was off to play.

This indoor water park is small, but it is expanding to include an outdoor waterpark in a few weeks too-complete with wave pool and swimming pool.  It’s also open all year round, making the 365-day park pass worth $59.95!  We would definitely pick it up if we lived there, I mean, how awesome would it be to throw Amelia a waterpark birthday party in January?

Naturally, we enjoyed Congo Bongo, the lazy river ride.  Amelia was immediately attracted the basketball water court, but it was tricky getting a ball.  Zoe made attention by getting kicked out of the kiddie water slide, and had to make due with the spilling bucket area’s slides (which she, of course, loved).  We missed the Warming Tub, but adults only, so just as well.  And we were all too chicken to do the slides, Mount Kilimanjaro and Snake Eyes.

water rides

raft and tubes

Amelia, however, adored, the Flow Rider – sort of an indoor learn-to-surf ride – and she was a natural.  No, she didn’t get off her tummy, but considering how I saw stronger and older kids and adults fare their first time out, she did FANTASTIC.

flow rider


Seriously, check out her moves!

YouTube Preview Image

She once put her foot into the stream and BAM! Got blown back over the top, it was hilarious!  (She’s a great sport, she thought it was fun.  But surfing is tough on a girl – end result of our day was this:

sleeping amelia


This post done in exchange for tickets.  All opinions are my own.


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      Probably because we stayed at a hotel one night only the night BEFORE. At least, that’s what I’m going with. Not like we’ve ever…hey, wait, what’s with all those resort towels in my closet?? :)