My Faith and My Politics: Still My Choice, Mike Huckabee

I was really disheartened to see this ad by Mike Huckabee.  My vote “will be recorded in eternity.”  Will I vote the values “that will stand the test of fire”?  What on earth does that mean?

As a liberal and a Christian, I am once again disappointed in the religious leaders of my country.  This scare tactic is frightening to new Christians, to the doubtful on the fence, and to Christian liberals like me.

So to the faithful of American, I say:

Vote on what you think is right.  Go ahead, pray about it!  Perhaps you agree with Mike Huckabee, and that’s fine.  I’d expect you to vote that way, and you should if that’s what your heart tells you.   I would never condemn or insult you for your choice.

But if you don’t, and Huckabee has now scared you into voting a way you don’t want to vote because you fear for your mortal soul, then this post is for you.  If you are a Christian, I want to tell you this:  Your vote is NOT a salvation issue.  If you’ve accepted Christ, you’re done, it’s  settled issue, and I will see you in the afterlife.

If you’re on the fence about Christianity, go read some Lee Strobel, like “The Case for Christ,” and give it some weighty thought, but vote what you think is best for this country in the meantime.  It won’t affect what you decided to do about faith, and it should probably be a small portion of the reading and talking you should to make a decision like this.  Don’t skip out on voting.

If you’re concerned about abortion, here are some things you should know about that you might not have read:

  • In 31 states, RAPISTS have the visitation rights to see the child they created by raping a woman.  Seriously???  The victimization never ends for those women.
  • Do you know what countries have the lowest abortion rates?  The ones that have the lowest poverty rates, even when access to abortion is legal and undisputed.  The fact is, healing the economy, bringing back a stronger middle class, and providing comprehensive health care and contraceptive funding goes a long way to decreasing the number of abortions.
  • As you may know, only 3% of Planned Parenthood’s services are abortions, and none of those procedures, BY U.S. LAW, receivesfederal funding.  If Planned Parenthood is gone, abortive care will cost $10,000 rather than under $1,000.  Which means the poor and many middle class will be the people who can no longer get abortions, but it’ll be business as usual for the rich but the poverty and middle class will grow more and struggle harder.  NO, it’s not fair argument for abortion, I agree with that.  It is an honest one, though, and honest is often ugly.

Now, if none of that bothers you, that’s fine.  Vote your conscience and your values.  That’s what I do, it’s just that mine look different from what conservatives believe.  That’s freedom for you.

I also have issues with Evangelicals backing up a Catholic and a Mormon.  Look, I didn’t know this until I actually met Evangelicals, but apparently some of them look upon those faiths as, well, cults.  I was angry about that because I was raised Catholic, but it does get me frustrated when people say and do the things that are convenient for them.  I’m not talking about honestly changing your opinion after you’ve considered and matured.  I’m talking about switching morals for convenience – like saying a Mormon is perfectly Christian even though you railed about the religion last year.

I also want to live in a free America rather than a theocracy so I do believe a candidate’s faith shouldn’t matter.

BUT if we are going to bring in faith into this election, why on earth don’t we go back as well and bring in character?

If you look at and compare everything that Mitt Romney has said since he became the GOP nominee, you have to question his character.  He has been inconsistent, dodgy, evasive, and flat out lied on just about most answers he’s had.  To be frank, I honestly don’t know what kind of presidential decisions he would make.  In my heart, I suspect it would be to whoever he is most beholden to, and I don’t think that would be God.

Now if you’re definition of a faithful Christian is someone who is opposed to legalized abortion and gay marriage, I guess you could say that then, no, Obama can’t be a Christian.  Note that I said “opposed to the legalization” of those two things, because you can be a Christian, believe being gay is a sin, believe abortion is a sin, and not oppose them being legalized because, again, we don’t live in a theocracy.  But then I guess you wouldn’t be a Christian, and so Obama must not be a Christian.

Or  me, and wow, I must be a total disappointment to God.  I’m so sorry that I don’t know what it’s like to actually be gay, and how a gay person must feel about faith and God, and so that makes me think that perhaps we shouldn’t judge them and condemn them to a life of promiscuity and not being allowed to make any decisions for their partner of decades because it makes other people uncomfortable to give them rights.

I’m so sorry that although the Bible has strong cases for life starting when the blood flows or when breathing starts, that I don’t think a fertilized egg, which has something like only 60% or less chance of becoming a live baby is actually a full rights human being with a soul and everything, and that it completely creeps me out to think that two of these non-entities might be waiting for me in heaven.

I apologize that I can’t follow the leadership of two guys who follow what I believe to be false leadership (popes and profits) and really take it to heart that the rest of America should follow their faith too, and that I do follow the leadership of a man who actually calls himself a Christian, but won’t force that on me, should I lose my faith one day.  He’s not a perfect Christian, but neither am I.  Hey wait, none of us are, right?

I could be wrong.

But that opens up the door to this:  Mike Huckabee could be wrong.

And this: You could be wrong too.

If you don’t believe this is an attempt by Huckabee to sway (scare) voters, and if you think that religious people all over the country are trying to scare up the vote, read this.

So get up early on Tuesday, bring I.D. if you need to, and vote how you think you should, not how Huckabee or Gina B thinks you should.  peace out, people…and just on the off chance  you were wondering how I’m gonna vote:

Women for Obama


  1. GloPan says

    Great post, Gina. Yes, if we’re going to bring in faith into this election, why on earth don’t we go back as well and bring in character?

    AND, AND, AND: If we’re going to talk about who’s a good Christian, why on earth don’t we also talk about who’s a good American, so upholds the values of freedom of conscience this country was founded on?

    • admin says

      Precisely! I don’t know why there is such a narrow definition of faith, in the first place, but you’re right, let’s talk about who really cares about the American people and our future.

  2. Cindy says

    Bravo, Gina! The idea that salvation rests on anything but belief & baptism (I’m a Lutheran) is crazy to me. I’m a flawed, broken believer much of the time, & I, too, will see you in the afterlife! I’m linking to an opinion piece in our local paper today on something slightly different; we have a marriage limitation amendment up for a vote here in Minnesota. But I thought the author’s basic argument was sound…you cannot make up for diminishing influence by forcing people to believe/behave a certain way.

    • admin says

      Thank you Cindy, that was a very good article! I live in PA, where the are zero laws, as I understand it, protecting gay rights. Relocated from NYC a decade ago, and it’s astounding to me. “Marriage limitation”…when it’s phrased like that, it EXACTLY makes me think of when interracial marriages were not allowed. Goosebumps, and not in a good way…

  3. Tiffany says

    Oh Gina~
    I have loved you since the first time I met you~ but I can’t agree with you. Abortion is wrong. Period. Having been in the situation that others say is the reason we NEED abortion, I can tell you that it’s never the answer.
    As for gay marriage~ let them marry. I am a Christian woman and I am all for them to have their rights. It is not up to me to decide what 2 consenting adults can and can not do. Let them live their life and deal with God on whatever they need to~ just like I am dealing with God on what I need to.
    As for Obama~ he’s not the answer. I’m not saying Romney is~ but I know Obama isn’t. You don’t want to live under a theocracy, fine, but Obama is going to make sure you live under the rules HE deems moral. It will be the theocracy of Obama. How about the whole Hobby Lobby thing~ should they be fined over 1 Mil a day bc they are morally/religiously/PERSONALLY opposed to the Plan B pill? No. They have the right to not supply that~ just as I have the right not to take it. Obama shouldn’t just decide what private businesses can and can’t do. If you want a FREE America, don’t vote Obama.
    Again, I love and respect you and you are such a strong woman. I look forward to working with you in the future~ different opinions and all. :)

    • admin says

      Tiffany! I love and respect you too, and I in no way am trying to poop on your decision. It was brave and strong, and if you think life / soul /however you define it begins at conception, that’s your right. I wholeheartedly disagree with that. As far as Obama, I completely disagree with your opinion that he is trying to make anyone do anything. And yes, a completely religious institution would not be beholden to that law, but because they almost ALL receive state funding, that changes things…and they have to abide by laws. I’m sorry but that’s what it is. Personally, you should be allowed to back out of anything, but as a health care provider, you should be able to provide all legal health care. Sorry, I know that’s not a great or easy answer, but there it is. I think if Romney wins, he will destroy the middle and lower classes – and then watch abortion rates SKYROCKET because they will, and don’t hold your breath for Roe V. Wade to be overturned. Seems to me the last few Republican presidents didn’t lift a finger on that one. I think a Romney presidency will be the death of freedom, and we’ll be welcoming back a cast system. That’s why I’m voting on economy first, a return to the failed policies of conservatives? No. Look at Europe. Look at Greece! Quickly becoming a Fascist state thanks to austerity. It’s all connected in my opinion. FWIW, I have issues with Obama too (don’t get me started on NDAA), but I also think he’s done great things. Where’s the proof that Romney did any good? (I have friends from MA, where he is LOATHED.)

    • admin says

      Sorry I got called away as I was writing that! But actually, I don’t think there are any easy answers. So, yea, I have mixed feelings about a faith-based hospital not having the choice, but what of the women who ONLY live near faith-based hospitals and have been raped? Then what? Part of the issue is that laws really almost by definition have to be black and white. So you outlaw all abortions – then what of the woman who will die without one? OK, you allow it in that case, but what of the woman who might or most likely will die? What of a woman with breast cancer? What of a woman with no money, what if she also has a sick child? And on and on? When there’s no real answer to when life begins that can be completely confirmed, it’s all opinion, and we have to decide for ourselves. ok, off to bed…

  4. says

    **No one is pro-abortion.

    **My parents shared not only an improbable love, they shared an abiding faith in the possibilities of this nation.

    ~Barack Obama

  5. says

    Hi Gina,

    Congratulations on your site.

    I appreciate that you are a woman of faith. I struggle with your view on abortion. I guess essentially for me it comes down to God’s inspired Word on things like abortion and gay marriage. If I choose to believe Scripture, if I assume that Scripture is correct and that God created human life in the womb, then that baby is life at conception.

    “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” Ps. 139:13 NI

    God is also speaks to homosexuality in Romans 1.

    I believe that we have to be careful as Christians to condone behaviors that absolutely God addresses as things that are contrary to His nature.

    Having said all that, I am a Christian (albeit a very fallible one) and I love the homosexual and I love the person that has had the abortion. If I call abortion a sin or homosexuality a sin, I must also address the other things that God speaks to: any kind of sex outside of marriage or “gossiping” or hating my neighbor who has sinned against me. Sin is sin and I think sometimes we as Christians tend to put levels on sin and think that one behavior is TOTALLY wrong and that our own sin of lying or gossip etc, is okay.

    God also tells us to pray for our nation’s leaders, I may not like the legislation, but I’m called to pray for those responsible for the leadership of this nation.

    At the end of time when we stand before Him and give account of our life, it will be, did we choose Him and HOW did we respond with that choice – Matthew 25:37-45. Did we love our neighbor, did we take care of the widow and the orphan, did we love others more than ourselfves, because – ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ (Matt. 25:40 NIV)

    I’m just thankful that at the end of the day, I serve a loving, forgiving God who will be the ultimate judge of my life – failures and all!


    • Gina B says

      Hi Dawn, thank you for a thoughtful and honest reply. God has since then asked me to take the Bible literally, which has been difficult and painful for me in many ways.

      That said, I have heard the argument about Ps. 139:13 for a long time now, and I’m not convinced yet. I still don’t think it’s a life at conception. I believe that this is for those who came to life, those who never came to life essentially never existed for me, at that age of the fetus. So there is no “you” for God to be speaking to. Just my beliefe. Different people and cultures believe the soul comes into the body at different times, I still don’t see a valid argument here for coming in at conception.

      Well, me too. Really the bottom line is this is all doctrine, and as long as believe in Christ and truly follow Him, we are his chosen ones. Thanks for sharing Dawn.