Lessons in Special Needs Parenting, November, 2012

This was a long and crazy month, with very little school, my first-ever vacation / conference in Florida in November, and then 4 Million Hours Of Cooking Food The Kids Didn’t Eat, holiday in the Poconos, Black Friday (disappointing shopping), and of course, we kicked it all off with Hurricane Sandy. Somehow I got screwed out of a birthday dinner at Bahama Breeze AND a chocolate cake, but I was rewarded by a friend with some HARD CORE ice cream.

One thing that happened is a few people at the conference were grateful that they were not ME, and dealing with what I deal with Zoe.  Geez, and here I thought this very slow progress was just fine.

I spent a good amount of time berating myself for not doing more.  I know I’ve said it before that this biomed stuff defeats me. Worse, no two parents have done it the same way.  That said, I’m really happy to find that more often than not, I follow a parent I *really* trust (check out her blog here).

That said, right in the middle of being miserable that Zoe isn’t far more recovered, Chris tapped me on the shoulder two nights ago and said, “Look what Zoe colored.”  On the table was a Buzz Lightyear Color Wonder book, with Buzz’s uniform mostly colored in, with green and purple .

I looked at it, thinking my mother-in-law must have done it.  She’s a bit of a kid at heart and likes to color.  I turned away but he saw my face.  “No, SHE did it,” he said, pointing to Zoe.  There she stood, with the purple marker in her hand, filling in some spaces on Buzz…

who she had colored…

100% IN THE LINES!!!

Buzz Lightyear Colored in Properly

Only another parent with a child with special needs knows how big that is.  And seriously?  She was barely making lines this time last year at ALL.

Hubby again asked me if the diet is working.  Is it?  Maybe.  We are so much stricter now.  We rarely let them eat out.  We still have phenols but have reduced a great deal.  Preservatives, flavorings, and colorings are mostly a thing of the past, as is corn-fed beef, and corn products too.  GMOs have been thinned out and God willing, eliminated. (I have trust issues with companies, lol.).  MSG is gone.  Caseins, glutens, gone, and most yeast products greatly reduced. Probiotics, and heavy duty vitamins daily.  I’ve just added the D3 back in, and GSE is once daily too.  I took out enzymes as I’m stumped where and how to put them in around the probiotics, which I’ve upped to twice daily.  I have a new supplement that I got at the conference that I’ll use next, and then we attack parasites.  That’s it, and you know?  I think it’s better than I realized.

Because. She. Colored.


Glory hallelujah, God is good :)