Lessons in Parenting Special Needs: 1/21/13

So it’s been quite a journey this year.   I feel like there have been set backs, and I won’t lie to you, reality has been hard lately.  Good things are happening, especially professionally for me, but spiritually there’s been a huge battle as our faction broke off from our old church, and we are currently following hard after God’s will.  Keyword: “hard”.  There is NOTHING easy at this point in my spiritual journey but it’s all 100% worth it.

And as I write that, I realize that completely philosophy perfectly describes my journey as the mom of two kids with disabilities.  That “100% worth it” line is what gives me hope, my faith gives me strength, and my kids give me joy.

We are dealing, though, with tons of aggression, restless sleep, poop, still ongoing potty training, shirt sensitivity and more.  So, I have decided to do a few things this year:

  1. Add more veggies.  I’m really proud to say that I cooked with broccoli (I sneaky chef’d into meatballs) and first time I made spaghetti squash, which Zoe and I loved. (Amelia doesn’t “do” pasta-ish looking foods.)  The good news is that it was SO EASY – better than pasta, or gluten-free pasta, or bean pasta.  And tastes better! This was a winner of a dish.
  2. Reduce sugar.  Augh, I’m reading about sugar – joined a group – and wow, I have got to reduce this for my kids – and myself.  This will NOT be easy because it means limiting fruits.  That will be so challenging.
  3. Try something new: homeopathy.  I was looking into the very excellent Yasko program for autism, but it was just insanely expensive.  I mean, crazy expensive!  Homeopathy is considerably more cost-effective and it has the benefit that I have YET to meet anyone it hasn’t worked for in terms of healing the problems that autism causes (that I know of, perhaps others have tried and were just silent).  And it can done for the whole family, so the kids will go first, but hopefully we can fix some of the things Chris and I have been dealing with of late.  (Let’s just say that winter in PA sucks!)

And now, from the fall, gratuitous kid photo:

Zoe's Firetruck trip this spring.