Lessons in Parenting Special Needs, 1/14/13

It’s amazing when you see a child make strides.  Last week, we decided to put a “different” shirt on our daughter.  You see, the only shirts she’ll wear are those skin tight ones made for working out and skiing, racer-back tank ones in the summer, mock turtlenecks with long sleeves in the winter.  Hubby said, “They’re too small now, get me a regular shirt.”  So I went ahead and did that, and she wore it at our outings. (Still not in the car, we’re not there yet!)

So I tried a few days in school.  I had mixed results but that’s better than NO results!  Then, the other day, I came upstairs to see her doing this:

Got a pajama shirt and buttoned most of it herself:


I helped a little but she was pleased with the results:

This is her, actually admiring herself and I think complimenting her good looks:

Good things really do happen in this house :)

NEVER give up hope, my friends.  Your kid can do what you never thought she could before too!


    • Gina B says

      Thanks Lauryn! We have lots of areas I wish we were more ahead in, but this weekly post gives me perspective.

    • Gina B says

      Good point, Althea. It’s all in the learning. Thank you, that makes me feel great! Happy to help.