Happy Birthday, Sunshine!

10 years ago today, my journey as a mother started with the birth of my beautiful baby girl, Amelia.


In the womb, 3 months early.


My Mom & Amelia, Summer, I think, 2003

amelia in highchair

A few months later…


Amelia as Cinderella, Halloween, 2005, age 2

amelia, 3

Amelia, age 3. How CUTE is that picture??


All dressed up! We did live in the North Pole, after all (the Poconos).


I can’t stand how cute she is!!

Growing up

Growing up

amelia at ppol

Her favorite activity

amelia & me

I love this photo!


2011 Halloween jammies.


Amelia now

Can you guess what Amelia’s biggest strength is??  :)

Dear Mimi, you have brought me nothing but joy these last 10 years.  I love that you are in my life and I thank God every day for you.   Your smile, your ability to let bad things just slide off your back, your infectious joy, and your adventurous spirit have taught me more than you could ever now.  I’m the better for knowing and loving you.

Happy 10th, kiddo.  Here’s looking forward to the decades we’ll share ahead.

PS, yea, I cried while writing this, WIMP.


  1. Melissa Long says

    What a beautiful daughter you have! Ten years ago on January 22 I too will celebrate the beginning of being a mom. It’s very bittersweet for me as I have a special needs child as well……I understand your tears; it’s a very emotional journey.

    I hope Amelia enjoys her birthday! Keep on smiling!
    Wishing your family a happy and healthy 2013~

    • Gina B says

      Thank you Melissa! That means so much to me. And happy birthday to your child too. Happy & healthy 2013 to your family too!