Fun and Sickness – #GlobieFamily

globetrottersThis weekend we actually got a chance to get out and use our Harlem Globetrotters Tickets! We saw them on Saturday afternoon, at the Sovereign Center in Reading, PA, which is a very small venue that I liked a lot.

It was just under 2 hours, and way more fun than I expected.  Amelia enjoyed it, especially when a player stood on the basket, but she is really more interested in the actual game than the antics!  That’s surprising but great.  I wonder what they charge for a birthday kid?  There were 2 or 3 there, and they come to the floor and do a whole routine for them.  In addition, the audience gets to vote on “rules” for the game, which was so cool when they played with 2 balls in the 4th quarter.

At half time, they sell basketballs and kids run out on the floor to bounce the balls back and forth to each other.  We had a wonderful time, and Zoe is getting so much better with stuff like this.  She hugged me for most of the first quarter, being interested in the stands and the food more than the performance, but by the end, she warmed up and checked it out.  She LOVED the floating ball gag, and I loved the stunts and gags.

Afterwards we found a Red Robin’s nearby, one of our few safe places to eat, and as the snow was falling, Zoe’s eyes got heavy.  Driving home around 4PM, she actually fell asleep in the Jeep. This is the second time she’s fallen asleep in that car!  I think it’s detox/sickness, but Chris thinks it’s the vibrations in the car.  You may think this is no big deal but that kid hasn’t slept in a car since she was a baby…even on long holiday late night drives home.  It’s always the little things that make me smile.

Up until early yesterday, Zoe still had a runny nose – no green snot, just the clear stuff but she’s never had it before and has no idea what to do with it.  She just sniffs, and while you may think I’m nuts, I think this little appearance of typicalness is just fine.  Getting sick – does that mean her autoimmune issues are clearing up?  I don’t know, but we’ve upped the homeopathic detox and we’ll see where we go with that.

Meanwhile, I got to spend a lot of time this week doing what I do best: cuddling up a sick child.  Amelia doesn’t go in for that much, but it’s the mainstay of how Zoe survives feeling crappy.  She openly wept a few times, which broke my heart; she is always so sunny and happy and laughing.

And there you go: another autism stereotype broken.  Kids on the autism spectrum can have huge hearts and can have the range of emotions.  I don’t mean meltdowns, she hasn’t done one of those in the last week or two.  She is normally appropriately happy and this week, has been appropriately sad.  I don’t doubt that she had sinus pain, even if she can’t articulate it – her tears informed me well enough.

Not much else to say this week.  It’s been quiet as we all slowly crawl our way back to wellness.


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    Hi Gina,

    That really looks like a fun time. I have been to Reading a few times. It is a sweet little town. I am happy you all are feeling better. I hope you have an incredible week.