First Time Incident: a Meltdown!

Seating CratesYep, last week marks the first time my precious Amelia had a meltdown.

Can you say, “homeopathy”?  Crazy stuff, but there’s not way it’s not working.  I’m actually kind of “whew!” about it, because I didn’t see a whole lot going on with her after the homeopathy, but this occurred a few days after we upped the detox remedies to 6x a day.  She didn’t want to leave school – that’s essentially the long and the short of it.  I fended it off by telling her the next day (Friday) that we had a karaoke party that night, so hurry home from school…all true, but she didn’t need to hurry.  I feel a little dishonest but she was fine coming home.

Zoe seems to be going along smoothly, including better sleep and more participation in school again!  I actually got an email from her teacher (after checking in on progress), with a first: she was on the computer and when the teacher rung the bell for circle time, she – WITHOUT PROMPTING – took off her headphones, walked over to the seat, and took part.  It may also have something to do with these amazing crate seats some incredibly industrious people made for 1st grade!


Valentine’s Day activities!