Enter Sickness

I just received my homeopathy packet this weekend, and a huge bit of news came just before:

Zoe got sick.

How big is this? Really big. Autoimmunity issues are huge for kids with autism, and she has not been sick since Thanksgiving, 2008, I believe.  That time, she had the croup, and since then, not a sniffle.

She is really suffering.  Even though her fever’s gone, she probably has what I have: the sore throat, although she can verbalize her pain, she is getting overtly frustrated by everything.  No fever today but didn’t want to go to school: was I wrong to send her? I hope this goes through her quickly.  My homeopath thought it was interesting, as if she knew that the rewind and the healing was coming.  In fact, rewind is exactly what we are already experiencing.

This lays a lot of questions at my feet: why is there sudden healing?  As I mentioned last time, we’ve made great dietary strides, and I think that probably removing the preservatives and dyes has had a MUCH bigger affect than I thought.  Perhaps combined with the new probiotics, her system is cleansing out this crap. I’ve seen other little improvements: more listening, slightly more speaking, more obedience – as in, she knows what I’m saying and does it OR she is refusing as a typical kid would because she doesn’t want to.  (Like getting up in the morning.)

On the other hand, sleep is becoming an issue again.  She had a 4-hour waking night again this weekend, so could it be the sickness?  And like I said, her ability to actually get sick is a step forward.

Tomorrow we start the homeopathy.  I can only imagine what will happen!  I leave you today with my gratuitous kid photo of Amelia, who has her first playdate this week – yay!  And shines in her all-pink-and-white Valentine’s outfit:

Amelia- valentine's day