Creating a Baby-Safe World


One of my main missions in writing Embracing Imperfect is to help you raise your kids safely, protecting them from toxins, chemicals, and unsafe foods and more. To help you, I do a few things:

  • Share with you want I know about how to eat clean and living a nontoxic life.
  • Provide you tips and hacks to help you do that better and easier.
  • Empower you to help make this a safer world by sharing easy ways to get active in the topics that matter to you, like protecting the organic standard or signing petitions to support labeling GMOs.
  • Save money while living a lifestyle that traditionally can be more costly.
  • Help you to forgive yourself and move on when you fail. Because if you’re human, you will fail. And though many moms try to be perfect, they are only setting themselves up for failure at some point. Don’t buy into that lie. Do the best you can do – if you’re raising kids with special needs, some days that won’t be much, and that’s ok!
  • Share my faith, because I couldn’t do this journey without Jesus. Or rather, I could but it’d be a whole lot harder and I’d be mean and miserable.
  • Help you to find time to take care of yourself, in between all that you do because,as the saying goes, “if mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy.”
  • I’m working to keep this a drama free zone, too. Not that I won’t ever discuss controversies, but there’s enough stress in our life and you don’t need more! Am I right???

I would love to tell you that my purposes are completely altruistic but I do have a motive: If I help you, then you too can make this a better world and make it safer for our children.


Because I believe, with all my  heart, that we can solve these problems together.

I believe that we can stop cancer from being the #1 killer of our children together.

I believe we can find answers to lower that annual rising rate of autism prevalence together.

I believe we can all feed our kids in ways that nourish their minds and heal their bodies together.

I believe that medicine can be used as a last resort only, and that natural healing and detox can prevent us from turning to costly drugs for our kids and that together, we can learn how.

I believe that you can protect your child from developing a disability or autism and that together, we can spread that knowledge.

And I believe if your child does have a disability, he or she can do better in a safer world – but we can only create that world together.

I can only share my experiences and hope they will help you help your child  – and that you, in turn, will help those around you. And that you’ll always remember:


As for me, I carry a lot of weight. While I believe that God has put me on this path, and I don’t think I could love my kids any more than I do, every fail feels like it’s my fault. It hits me hard over and over, with tears and sorrow that I didn’t get this or that done. “What a failure I am.”

BUT that’s a lie. Know how I know?

Two years ago, we were in Kohl’s clothes shopping for Amelia’s first day of school. I was helping Amelia try on clothes, and when we came out, Chris was talking to a guy and his daughter. She used to be in Zoe’s class, the year before last, before they left the school. While Zoe didn’t remember her, she did and went and said “hi.”

The father remembered Zoe too. Do you know what he said to us?

“Wow, what a difference I can see in her! Bravo. Whatever you’re doing, keep on doing it!”

It turns out that he, like us, is all for the organic food movement, regulates what his children eat, and agrees with our choices on food intervention and alternative treatments. Not only that, but he told us that things are changing regarding how people feel about clean living. Two years ago, people called him crazy but now? He can talk to much more people about organics, or gluten free, or healing with food.

And then he said, “Keep doing it and keep telling the world!”

Well, that’s why I’m here. I’m telling YOU so you can help your child AND tell your friends, your family.

The beautiful thing? Sometime’s the telling in not saying anything at all and I can sit back and let my barely vocal child do all the sharing. She’s all the proof I need that we need to continue to work, share, love, treat and help create the baby-safe and child-safe world our families have the RIGHT to live in.

This post was original posted on 8/29/14.


  1. I’m so excited for the direction your blog will be taking this fall; we try to eat clean and organic but it’s HARD with two picky eaters. Looking forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions!!

    • ANNE!! You are so sweet. I’m afraid I won’t be at ShiftCon 🙁 Between the flight/hotel…let’s just say we were stretched thin all summer. We didn’t even do our own vacation, which never happens.I’m REALLY hoping to go next year. Thanks – your words mean a LOT to me!!