Light Up the Ceiling with Discovery Kids Space Projector

My kids were so happy when they saw I was doing a review of the Discovery Kids Space Projector. They couldn’t wait to get inside the box and see the star and astronaut scapes that appeared on the ceiling when we set it up. Amelia totally jumped up and down when she saw this one!

There may have been some debate about who would get to keep the Space Projector in her bedroom. We solved it by keeping it downstairs, at least until Zoe hijacked without Amelia realizing it. Sibling rivalry is tough!

Discovery Kids space projector

Space Projector unboxed.

Why Buy the Discovery Kids Space Projector?

Discovery Kids has released a toy that is perfect! Their 2-in-1 Stars & Planets Space Projector will have your child “oohing” and “aahing” at how their ceiling has transformed into the night sky.

This space projector has two settings. The first one, “STARS,” activates the dome on top which projects stars onto the ceiling. This makes an ideal night light to leave on for your child as they go to sleep, as the star images rotate around their bedroom.

Discovery Kids space projector's 4 cartridges

Included cartridges project 4 different space vistas on your ceiling

The second setting, “PROJECTION,” is featured on the other side of the project. It shoots images that are featured on the slide you insert. This toy has 4 slides slides that feature planets, constellation, spacecraft, astronauts, planet Earth, the Horsehead nebula and more with a total of 24 images! Think of all the ways you can inspire a child if they nod off to sleep with images of space projecting on their ceiling. The projector features a lens that automatically progresses through the slides in the viewer, so you can sit back and let your child watch.

The leg stand is flexible, easily allowing you to flip the space projector from Projection to Stars. Images on the disk are beautiful; my kids went crazy for them. I went through them and Amelia made me stop on “Earth.” She was fascinated with the view of what our home planet looks like from afar. The only downside was that it was a challenge to focus the all stars properly if you’re not able to put the device in the center of the room. The projector works perfectly though, as long as you keep it clean and regularly change the batteries. (This space projector requires 3 “AA” 1.5 alkaline batteries.)

Discovery Kids space projector

Kids Space Projector

Who Will Love This Toy

This is a great toy for kids who are:

  • Science Geeks
  • SciFi Fans
  • Star Gazers and
  • Night Light Lovers
  • Kids Who Don’t Like Legos

Oh, I know, you’re not liking that last group. Sure, Lego lovers can love this toy. For my kids, Legos are NOT doing it. They just don’t care much for building toys but anything that has space in it, they love! One of their favorite books in fact was “There’s No Place Like Space: All About Our Solar System,” which is a great beginner intro, even helping kids memorize the order of the planets!

In fact, this toy is fun for kids who are studying their first introduction to space. (For my kids, that was 3rd grade.) This is the perfect educational toy that doesn’t feel like one for those kids. Buy beyond that, my kids are not really any of those things but they are fascinated by the night sky and astronauts. Well, who isn’t? 🙂

While my daughter has no interest in pursuing a career in science, she is very interested in the solar system, night skies and any space show she can find. She’s fascinated with the moon, and this year, she asked for a telescope!

the 2-in-1 Stars & Planets space projector has simple instructions


Where to Buy

Discovery Kids space projector

You can purchase the Discovery Kids 2-in-1 Stars & Planets Space Projector through these links – find your favorite store:

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