giveaway policy

Mom-Blog is happy to consider your product for giveaway.  Here’s what you need to know:

  • I prefer to one run giveaway at a time, so please give me ample time to schedule.  I’m usually booked up at a least a few weeks in advance.  Again, I am flexible on this issue.
  • I’m looking for high quality products that are of particular interest to mothers of children with special needs.
  • You must send the prize directly to the winner, rather than to me.
  • You must not store the winner’s information for any other purpose.
  • For legal and tax reasons, giveaways will be limited to U.S. residents and contestants must be over the age of 18 only.
  • Please provide images that I can legally use of your product.  I will not download them from the site, so your submission will transfer all copyright issues to you. Please make sure you can legally use your images.  If you run a contest with me, you specifically agree that you will be any responsibility for copyright violation on provided images.
  • Facebook forbids you to ask for a “like” for your Facebook as either a mandatory or optional entry. Sorry, but I can’t do that – and you can get in trouble too! Learn more here: “Liking” on Facebook? Facebook Guidelines say NO!
  • For the kind of contests I generally run (a sweepstakes where the winner is randomly chosen), consideration is not legally allowed – that is, users cannot visit your website and comment on the product for any reason.  Learn more here: It’s Your Blog – Sweepstakes Law or Are You a Giveaway Hustler? I can encourage them to visit to your site, and can ask a related question, but it cannot be a required for any entry.

For my part, I agree to do the following:

  • To give an honest and helpful review of any item provided to me.  Nothing is perfect, but I do focus on the positive as much as possible.
  • To post the review on a Monday, unless circumstances keep me from my blog (personal issues, power outages, server mishaps).  If so, I will still run it for 8 days.
  • I will promote this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn through my feeds and through relevant target audiences.
  • I may promote this on linky lists and contest submission sites, if possible.  Please note that this requires considerable work on my part, and I cannot guarantee that I will have the time to do this.
  • I may promote any giveaway over $50 on

If you are agreeable to that, please contact me about the giveaway and I will check to see if the product fits my audience, my values, and we can get started.  Thank you for considering Mom-Blog!