Kranich Jeweler’s Mother’s Day 15% discount code

If you’re bummed that you didn’t win the Mother’s Day Gift Certificate for Kranich Jewelers, never fear, there’s still time to save on that perfect Mother’s Day gift.  Head over to Kranich Jewelers and enter code MOM2012 for 15% off the perfect Mothers Day Design!  Hurry before Mother’s Day arrives!


  1. Sara says

    Hey there
    I was wondering if we can host a contest on your blog for mommas. The winner gets a free “Talking to your toddler” audio cd. Chris Thompson from will work all the details with you. This will grab more traffic to your website as well since Mr. Thompson is well known for his techniques and strategies in “entering the child’s world” and getting them to do what we want.

    Please contact me if interest. This will be a great opportunity and a generous giveaway to the winner.