Top 10 Must-Read Sites for Christians Raising Autistic Kids

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One of the many blessings in living in our day and age is the unprecedented access we have to resources, thanks to the internet. For Christians raising autistic kids, this is especially true! There is so much to teach them, and we often feel like “2 steps forward, 3 steps back.” Am I right? But there is great support out there! The following are my favorites sites to frequent, as well as the ones that make me go “That’s my family!” when they pop up in my feed.

Top 10 Must-Read Sites for Christians Raising Autistic Kids

Faith & Inspiration

1. The Mighty

This is one of my favorite websites of all time. The Mighty provides insight and inspiration for all types of disabilities and disorders. You can selectively subscribe to the sections you want to read about. One the best things I like about this site is that it contains both in-depth discussions about what it’s like to have a particular disability, it also has a positive outlook.

2. Ellen Stumbo

Inspirational and practical, Ellen is a mom on the front lines of raising a child with disability. She helps you power through with grace and practical tips, including resources. Includes a blog and a podcast, and other topics beside disability, like adoption and disability in church. (Also check out her site, Disability Matters, that helps churches adapt to disabled churchgoers.)

3. Key Ministry

Maybe you’re struggling to fit your family into church, or to find a church that fits your family. Maybe you’ve given up on church despite your desire to go. Then, Key Ministry is for you. This is a website both for family of kids with special needs and to churches who want to start special needs ministries. I’ve seen many articles that are perfect encouragement for families raising autistic kids. They have articles, resources, support and blogs for both groups, and can even help connect you with a local church that fits.

Practical Tools

4. The ARC

This is the place where we got our wonderful advocate – free of charge – to help us get through IEPs, from kindergarten through high school. Find your own local ARC for resources that are helpful and available right in your community to find someone competent in the law, rules and other issues.

5. Disability Scoop

News from all over the world of disability. It’s always helped me keep up to date on legal issues that affect my family but all and any news affecting disabled people is helpful. Worth following on Facebook and subscribing.

6. WrightsLaw

Every parent of a child with special needs should know this site, especially if their child is autistic. I say this because most of the complex IDEA rules and laws seem to trip up families with autism because it can be not as well defined. How often have you been asked, “She has autism? O.K., so WHO gave you that diagnosis?” This is your guide to understand the complexities when you and your advocate or lawyer has to fight for your child’s rights.

Treating Autism

7. TACANow

TACANow (formerly short for “Talk About Curing Autism Now”) has lots of great resources to help your child outside conventional Western medicine. There are excellent resources for those starting on this journey under “Family Resources.” Everything I now know about poop, I learned from TACA! 😉 Features a newly diagnosed section.

8. Generation Rescue

This is the site by Jenny McCarthy, who is also the coordinator of the massive AutismOne conference as well as the  the smaller Autism Education Summit. GenRescue focuses on recovery, especially through biomedical protocols, and even features a grant program. Features a newly diagnosed section.

9. Thinking Moms Revolution

O.K., this site is not for the faint of heart and not necessarily Christian. Right now, in fact, there is a cuss symbol on the homepage, so not really Christian at all. However, I will tell you that this is the website that helped me to be brave,  bold and rebellious in treating my children.

10. Webinars

Webinars, webinars, webinars! Every week, an expert in healthcare, medicine, nutrition, alternative health, therapy, or psychology helps YOU tackle the difficult problems you encounter on a daily basis with an autistic child. These 1-hour courses cover topics like nutrition, sleeping, self-injury and more. Check out the parent site,, for the latest advancement in the science of autism and more.

What sites for Christian families raising autistic kids would you like to share with my readers?

The top 10 sites for Christians raising autistic kids