Blue Man Group Ticket Giveaway! #DareToLive

Blue Man Group Ticket Giveaway

As I wrote, on July 16 and 17th, I attended Blogger Bash 2015, an event at Pier 60 for bloggers and brands to meet and greet. A few months back, we were surprised by the announcement that we’d get an exclusive showing of Blue Man Group just for attendees. Now, I always love a great show in New York City, but I had no idea what

Beauty, Relaxation and Great Brands at Getting Gorgeous


This month has been quite hectic. It began on Wednesday with a trip to New York. After meeting my roommate, Michele from Just 2 Sisters 2, we hiked downtown for a hummus lunch and then it was off to Getting Gorgeous with Restylane Silk 2015 Event on Wednesday July 15, put on by Audrey McClellan and Vera Sweeney. I saw this dynamic duo speak last year at iRetreat

Teaching God’s Design for Sex with Passport 2 Purity


It’s a battlefield out there for a Christian mom. Everywhere you look, there are images telling your kids that sex is good, waiting for marriage is foolish and mistakes can easily be undone. And raising two daughters with learning disabilities – one who is still embracing her childhood even as she blossoms into a woman’s body – can literally make you feel like it’s “game

Eating Out With Your Kids: These Restaurants Get it RIGHT

eating out with your kids

This week social media  has been abuzz with the story of the “awful” parents who were eating out with their kid (toddler) and let her scream for 40 (or 120 or 4) minutes in a diner, prompting the establishment owner (or “hero”) to go all drill sergeant on the poor child, screaming at said child in order for her to shut up. Following that, the mom posted (as

How to Make an Impression at Blogger Bash 2015

me and snoopy

I’ve been really quiet on the blog lately and it’s not just because it’s the lull of summer. Thursday and Friday I was in New York for a great blogger event, Blogger Bash 2015. Last year was the first Blogger Bash event and this year? Well, let’s just say the team did a phenomenal job. I think everything that was a bit confusing last year

Missing the Beach? Sands Alive Glow Has You Covered!

girls play with Sands Alive

When Sands Alive reached out to me to review their Sands Alive Glow set, I was thrilled – as were my kids. They couldn’t get in the box FAST ENOUGH. In fact, two weeks ago my kids were all set to leave on vacation. They were DYING to go – LITERALLY. So much so that I found my daughter with her feet in the Sands Alive

Save Money with Your Prepaid Wireless Phone at Giant Eagle


Let’s face it: you love your prepaid wireless phone. It’s easy, affordable and it’s a no brainer that that’s the phone you’re getting for your grade school child who (maybe) loses things from time to time. Don’t have a phone yet? Feeling behind the times because of it? I totally know that feeling. When I first started going to blogger events, I was a work at

Recovering Autism with Biomed


Looking back is a good thing, sometimes. You need to see where you’ve been to understand how far you’ve come. This is an article I originally posted on December 13, 2010, before our journey had really started. The photo above was taken a few years earlier at Zoe’s 3rd birthday. Those two photos are within a short span of each other. On the left, before she blew

Living in Joy While Standing in Crap


  This post was originally published in January, 2014.  As we wrap 2013, I can’t help but admit it was a craptastic year. As a blogger and professional, things went well, but other than that? Financial crap hit us I don’t know how many times. And the kids? Oh man. I often feel like we are back to where we started. I have no hope

Five summer getaways every special needs kid should have


I was compensated for this post by SocialMoms on behalf of Alamo; all opinions are my own. I’ll admit it, we are theme park people!  With 2 kids with learning disabilities who need extensive stimulation, what’s better?  When it’s time to get away for the summer, we go where kid activities are at a maximum.  Here are our 5 favorite summer getaways: Universal Studios, Orlando: I LOVE this