Middle Aged Blues

This week was hard.  I only got ONE workout out, but I did manage to do a high-antioxidant smoothie every day, only to discover on Saturday, that my drink has veggies & fruits that are not good for those of us allergic to nickel.  So I broke out in 3 very itchy spots (like the crook of my elbow and my armpit).  GRRR.

This also had the double whammy of practically eliminating most of the stuff I wanted to try and the direction I wanted to take the family in food-wise (legumes, beans, and leafy greens are highly reactive).

As if that setback wasn’t bad enough, we went to Target, where I went to restock my tanks (I wear them to bed).  So either Target has EXTREMELY FAT mirrors, or I’m suffering from middle aged spread.  I mean, I couldn’t take my eyes off the horror of my belly.  That explains why I may be up a size.

It’s not like I have at all been feeling good about myself.  Finding time and interest to workout is darn near impossible, and I’m still so out of practice that 20 minutes of exercise on the beginner level is on par right now with getting gum surgery (yea, did that this spring, so I know how awful it feels).


Then again, maybe this is the shove I need.  Only a year or two ago, I was singing the praises of how AWESOME I looked going gluten-free, NOW, at 47, every single part of my body looks flabby and lined.  Change in diet has affected NOTHING at this last date in the game, and exercising is brutal, and add to this that I’m bloated and can’t figure out the cause, unless it’s the nickel thing again.

Back to the drawing board, I found Jenny McCarthy’s Wii workout with camera at Toys R Us for the stupid cheap price of $10, and I neither mind giving the founder of Generation Rescue a teensy bit of profit nor feel it’s a loss.  I actually WAS going to buy a cheapie workout this weekend.

On to the next level, and I’ve learned a lot – none of it good, but perhaps motivating.  I’ve waited far too long, but maybe things will pick up and the weight will come off if I’m patiente and apply myself for several months.

So please – encourage me with your successes, let me know what you eat, and tell me how to get arse off the chair!

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  1. Rebecca @RUtheMOMof says

    Its those mirrors they do that so you have to get a whole new wardrobe and workout gear while you are there. Well at least that is what I tell myself :) .