Why I’m Excited for the Gluten Free Expo

I’ve been sponsored for conference attendance, opinions are my own.

GFAF Expo Blogger Badge

I have exciting news to share: I’ve been chosen to be an Official Blogger for the New Jersey Gluten Free, Allergy Free Expo!

What is the GFAF Expo?
The expo is a great resource for anyone with celiac disease, or practicing the autism diet, or with gluten and other food sensitivities or allergies that takes place all over the country. On September 7 and 8, I’m attending the Expo in Secaucus, NJ. Great vendors and sponsors like Udi’s and Enjoy Life will be there , but it’s more than just an expo. This 2 day event has classes with titles like:

  • The Truth about GF Baking-Pantry Essentials & Foolproof Baking Tips
  • Are you a Gluten-Free Sugar Addict?
  • Safely Eat Out &Travel – Gluten & Allergy Free

I’m DEFINITELY taking that last one!

What can you get at the Expo?
Entry into the expo gives you access to over 150 vendors, coupons in your program, vendor samples, and discounted products. What’s exciting to me is to be able to try new brands – or new products from reliable brands – without the price tag that typically comes from allergen free foods. I’m also excited to ask questions – I always have lots of them about GMO’s and what organic means in products. You will also get to meet bloggers (like me) and authors.

Is there a Gluten Free Expo near me?
The full list of locations is here; future locations include Dallas, San Francisco and Chicago. You can join their mailing list OR vote for your location for them to visit next! Finally if you are a blogger or author, you can apply to one of the events and cover it!

How will this help me, Gina?
So glad you asked! Take a look at the sponsors and let me know what questions you have for them OR, let me know which of those products you’d like me to try and review.  I want this blog to serve YOU, so if you have questions about the expo, products, or the classes, pass them along. I plan on blogging about any classes I take! And please email me if you are going and want to connect.

I’m also going to kick off some of the food changes I need to do on this blog after the conference. I’ll be covering things cleaning up your food, packing kids’ lunches, traveling easier with allergies, and maybe have a guest post or two from some more established gluten and allergen free writers.

Leave your comment with what questions you’d like me to ask – or what classes you’d like me to attend and share – at the Gluten Free Expo!