Decisions & Choices: Can I detox my house?

The other day I blogged about my divine confirmation of doing this gluten-free diet.  It made me happy, but nervous as well – how far can I go, given what a disaster I’ve been at it so far?  That’s just for my kids, mind you, but I’ve noticed that not doing things 100% is exactly what’s led to slip ups and infractions.  (And maybe this pronounced reappearance of Zoe’s stimming?)

But in my prayers for clarity, I asked God to make me 100% sure.

Whoa, lady, be careful what you ask for…

You see, ever since moving to PA 9 years ago, I’ve had insanely dry skin on my hands.  At first I thought it was pregnancy, after that I thought it was just the bitter (horrible) cold Pocono winters.  Then I moved here, which averages 10 degrees less than the Poconos, and not only did the chapped hand situation get worse (I can hardly wear my platinum wedding band at all, and no earrings of any kind), the first thing that happened was I got a HEAD TO TOE RASH. Fine pimples, itched like hell, and they covered every exposed area.  (A blessing, I suppose, couldn’t imagine what to do with that rash on my armpits, ugh!)

It went as mysteriously as it came, so I chalked it up to dust settling in our newly built house.

Yea, right.

Anyway, I’ve recently gotten a rash on my wrist.  I’ve had it for a while.  I was just thinking today that I might have gotten it from my new mousepad, which doubles as a writing pad, the paper and glue irritating my arms.


Tonight I was reading to Amelia and my hand started to throb. When I looked at it, my dry skin on my knuckles had spiked into a similar rash (like that on my wrist) and started to wind down my finger.  It looked EXACTLY like my rash from my wedding band, except I don’t wear anything on my right hand.


Here is a lovely photo of this skin irritation:

YUCK. And it hurts, like I spent the day rubbing my knuckles with sandpaper.  See my knuckles, and that lovely pink spot on my wrist? So, what am I to do?

The only thing I can figure out is that I should do a full detox, and cleanse, even myself, of glutens. Time to rethink hair and skin products and make up and the dollar signs are going “ca-ching!” in my head.

Oh. Happy. Day.  I don’t even know where to begin.  I have new cleaning people who are shortly changing their products to some Hydrogen Peroxide formula, but could it be that?  And, as if all this weren’t enough, I have two itchy spots on my back. Not enough to say rash, but this is something I NEVER get.  I feel like I have the cooties.

What do you do when you or your child has a nasty rash? Tips SO welcome…