blogging ethics

I felt important to cover this topic. This is my personal blog, but it is also a top search engine result for “mom blog”, so I get pitched sometimes.

And sometimes, I will take a product or sponsorship (that is, compensation) for a post in return for either its content or a link.

So which posts are which?  Here’s what you need to know:

  • If it’s sponsored, I will tell you at the bottom of the post and link to the sponsor.
  • If it’s a product review and/or giveaway, I have been offered the product in exchange for a review so that I can give my opinion of the product in question.  Generally, I will mention it somewhere in the post but assume the review is sponsored, if I don’t mention it.
  • If it’s neither, I will mention that I purchased the item myself. Sometimes I just like a product or a book and feel I should share it with you.

I hope that clears up confusion. You should know that I am selective about products and sponsors, making sure they are appropriate for audiences. I’m also passionate about helping small businesses flourish, because I know firsthand how difficult that can be and I’m friends with a number of entrepreneurs including being one.

Thank you. Hope that helps!